There is a very limited number of Premium Class seats. We recommend you book early if you wish to experience our premium class equipment and receive your free gift!

Premium Class

Our Premium carriages offer a more comfortable seat with plenty of extra space and fewer passengers for a more intimate experience. The carriages are festively dressed and as well as a Hot Chocolate and Cookie all premium ticket holders receive our exclusive Polar Express™ Train Ride Mug. Due to the nature of the seating layout on our premium carriages tickets must be purchased in even quantities. This enables us to ensure all reservations can be seated agreeably.

The seating layout in premium carriages consists of two rows of tables throughout with an aisle running through the middle. On one side of the carriage there are tables seating a maximum or four, and on the other side of the aisle we have tables that seat two. There are several important options to consider when booking your tickets. Please consider these carefully so we can seat your party in the best possible way.

Private Tables for Two
For a party of two we recommend you book a private table for two, this guarantees you to be sharing a private table. If a party of two books general Premium tickets, at peak times they may share a table with another party. During peak times parties of more than two can choose to book multiple private tables for two. In such cases they will be seated in adjacent tables along the aisle still enabling them to fully interact as a party.

Options for a party of FOUR
For a party of four we recommend you book four premium tickets. Your party will then be seated together around a table which seats four. Another option is to book two private tables for two which will be adjacent along the aisle. This is especially popular during peak times when availability is low.

Options for a party of SIX
For a party of six we recommend you purchase four premium tickets and one private table for two. We can then seat you party on a table for four with a table for two right across the aisle. Another option is to book six premium tickets, where your party will be seated across two four seating tables. During peak times one of these tables will be shared with another party.



Standard Class

Our standard carriages offer adequate seating and the layout consists of rows of two tables each seating four with an aisle running through the middle. We always recommend that you purchase standard tickets in sets of four wherever possible, during peak times parties not in multiples of four will share table/s with other parties. Due to the festive atmosphere this does not affect overall enjoyability for all.