The Story

All aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride! Believe the magic this festive season!
PolarExpress-1019Dartmoor Railways Okehampton Station is bringing the magic to life again this Christmas and heading to the North Pole on the amazing Polar Express™ Train Ride. Be sure to arrive on time, the Conductor is waiting and he has a schedule to keep!
Delight in the festive atmosphere of our beautifully decorated station and take advantage of the chance to purchase a memento or gift from official THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride gift shop.  Feast on some slowly pulled pork or a freshly flipped burger from the hot food stand, or maybe indulge yourself with a delicious sweet treat. All is available for you to enjoy whilst you wait for the conductor to call the infamous “All Aboard”. Then climb aboard for the start of an incredibly fun journey, where you’ll meet lots of familiar faces who will truly make this a most memorable adventure.
When the whistle sounds and it’s time to go, sit back listen to the official movie soundtrack or even better enjoy dancing along and interacting with the dancing Chefs and Conductor. But be sure to sit tight whilst they serve you delicious Hot Chocolate and a tasty Cookie along the way. Passengers riding in our Premium carriages also receive our exclusive THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride mug of their very own to take home. Make sure the children have their golden tickets handy, for the Conductor is sure to check and punch each one as there’s been some spooky goings on and talk of a rider without a ticket, will you meet the illusive Hobo?
Polar ExpressWith the joy of the season now glowing on board there’s just enough time before reaching the North Pole to relax, and listen to the iconic Polar Express™ story book. Played aloud whilst the Chefs show the beautifully illustrated book pages for the whole carriage to follow, and families who pre-ordered copies of a specially wrapped book read along together too.
Finally the magic has worked and the North Pole is in sight, with Santa Claus and some of his Elves waiting to welcome you to their village with joyous smiles and hopeful waves. Watch with excitement as Santa and his mischievous helpers’ board the train to join you for the second part of this wonderful trip.
Now it’s time to listen carefully for the tiny jingles of the spirit of Christmas, as Santa greets each child and presents them with the first gift of Christmas; a silver bell cut from his sleigh.  With a train now full of belief and wonderment, it’s time to enjoy a host of fantastic traditional Christmas songs, interactions and fun with all your favourite characters. Once we arrive back at the station you’ll be full festive cheer, new memories to cherish and the hope that the magic can last until about this time next year…

“So are you coming?”